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The Corner Cafe-Lowell, MA

Saturdays and Sundays are the days we go out and find breakfast places. Whether we go to our favorites or find new favorites it has been a thing since the beginning of this year and I love it. Breakfast/Brunch is one of my favorite meals of the day, but let’s be real. . . every meal is my favorite!!! :):):)

The Corner Cafe has been open since February and it popped up on my search today when I was looking for spots to eat. I am so glad we found this spot, the food was amazing, the service excellent and the ambiance warm & welcoming. We will definitely be back.

Our waitress Christina was super nice and invited us to the Grand opening which is tomorrow April 4th, so if you are around check it out.  I told her I was a local blogger and was excited about eating here. Being a food blogger, while making me work out so much more is fun because I meet all sorts of different people and I become an explorer by seeking out places everywhere.

Enjoy the photos below and check them out!!!


Located on the corner, with private parking across the street




The amazing Strawberry Nutella Waffle!!!




Gift from the Chef- Black Forest French Toast (Nutella Stuffed with Blackberry Drizzle)


Another view


My yummy breakfast: Eggs, Kielbasa, Hash browns and Toast


The whole spread


Rare food blogger pic 🙂

Adventure Always,


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