Walking around Milano

When you decide that you are hungry in Milan you find a small place to grab a bite to eat. Usually a brioche or healthy breakfast along with an espresso. We roamed around a bit before we settled on a place called Berni which was in a quiet, beautiful area of Milan.

It was a neighborhood place so it was cool to watch people running in and out saying, “Ciao” and having conversations with the lovely people behind the counter. We ordered brioche, espresso, whole grain bread and marmalade with fresh squeezed orange juice.

The counter and the beautiful, fresh brioche

The wine on the wall was a cool touch, and this brioche was tasty and lightly sweet

The marmalade here is so good, and this espresso was just right

We then decided to just walk around, we didn’t ask for directions we just wanted to explore some more before we had to check out of our Airbnb. We stumbled upon the Arco de Pace which is right at the entry way of Parco Sempione. GORGEOUS!

From a distance

Close up with details.

We walked around this park for over an hour and came upon beautiful scenery, monuments, and wonderful air. I was so impressed with this park, it is one of the biggest ones I had ever been to. It is a definite must-see if you are in the area.

One of many monuments in the park

This was a gorgeous bridge we stumbled upon

This scenery was just to lovely to not pause and take in

My one and only travel companion- we color coordinated somehow… 🙂

Yummy juice we picked up at the park

An old castle wall…

Speaking of old castle walls we again stumble across another beauty entirely…  Castelo Sforzesco. We walked through this extremely old castle and saw some gorgeous things. It was so cool to see where an old moat had been to keep intruders out, and the art all over the castle. Those were my two favorites.

One of the entry ways

An angled view of the castle and a beautiful courtyard

This seal was in many places around the castle

Some history

Leaving the castle

View of the outside of the castle

Close up of the outside and a long shot featuring a gorgeous water fountain

All in all a lovely morning spent in Milano, so excited to be writing about my international travels. It has been an incredible experience.


  • Parco Sempione is worth the walk
  • Look around for different cafe’s there’s many
  • Bringing cash is easier to buy things at kiosks around the area
  • We did not pay for  tour of the castle, we simply just roamed around on our own
  • Have an espresso, it gives you the energy you need to see everything you want to see


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