Getting lost in Venice

“To build a city where it is impossible to build a city is madness in itself, but to build there one of the most elegant and grandest of cities is the madness of genius.” – Alexander Herzen

We got lost in Venice, it’s pretty easy to do. The bustle of crowds, the bridges, the canals- Venice is a Maze of a city built entirely over water. I completely and utterly fell in love with this city, there were so many nooks and crannies that it would take months to find them all. Once you get into the heart of Venice (past the train station) you can’t use cars, there are no buses or other public transportation except Gondola’s or Water Taxis.

This was our view when we arrive in Venice

A couple beautiful shots of some of the larger canals, with gondolas and other boats

Couple shots of us, with beautiful scenery đŸ˜€

I absolutely loved this canal, the houses, the reflections-everything

Gondoliers waiting for customers and a quiet little square we found with no people

A house I found and another little canal with a Gondola đŸ™‚

A pizza spot- loved the window display

 Historical building we found

There are so many of these large clocks all over Italy, this canal had so much hustle and bustle

We went to Venice around midday, it was very busy specifically in St. Peter’s Square or “Piazza San Pietro”. It was the perfect day; breezy and sunny and everywhere we went or turned there was something else to see. My husband, being the history enthusiast that he is managed to tell us something about many of the different places in Venice including St. Peter’s.

St. Peter’s Basilica and Square- incredible architecture and art

The view from the square and some more piazza pictures


When his mom and sister got on the water taxi, we decided to walk back to the station, this is when we got lost. Thankfully he speaks fluent Italian so after asking for directions a few times we were finally going in the right direction. Getting lost is one of the best things to do in Venice because you find places you wouldn’t normally find when you are going in a direct route or following along normal touristy things.

Vivaldi concerto was playing that night and another large clock

Close up of the building and the famous “Rialto Bridge”

The lost couple in Venice

After walking and walking and more walking (phew)…we all met up at the station and then proceeded to go back into Venice to find a place to eat.

Trattoria Povoledo looked like a tiny place until you walked inside. It was huge inside and then had an outdoor patio that completely enveloped you in the beauty of Venice. We ate with the cool breeze on our faces and the canal on our right showcasing boats and gondolas.

The view from the restaurant, while chilly was worth it

The Maven gazing at the view and our appetizer- Mussels in a savory red broth

Two shots of the “Fruti Di Mare” Pizza- so fresh and flavorful

Prosciutto Pizza- yum!

Venice was an incredible experience and even though we only managed to be there for a few hours (it deserves a week at least) we still saw so much. So incredibly blessed we had the opportunity, stay tuned for more posts from the trip to Italy…


  • Go as early in the day as you can, trains constantly go to “Venezia”
  • Get lost in Venice- literally, you will always find your way out
  • Try the Trattorias, Bars and Caffe’s- you can’t go wrong with any choice really- though I would stay away from “tourist traps”
  • Do some shopping, there are some gorgeous things for sale in Venice- wish I could have gotten more (my poor luggage)
  • Take the trek to see St. Peter’s Basilica- there are long lines to get in but the square and the outside are stunningly beautiful.

Livin that Maven Life in Italy….


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