Twelve Hours – Brighton, MA

Finding a gem in the food world is a thrill for me. Particularly one that is as cute and friendly as this one. Located on a corner in Brighton, MA  Twelve Hours is a lovely little restaurant that has a plethora of menu options to choose from in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

We arrived late on Friday night craving something new and we were met with a menu that featured Asian fusion but more experimental than many places I have been.

We started off with two appetizers, I had the Blueberry Crab Rangoon’s (yes you read that right, Blueberry) and the Dragon Ball Z appetizer which were fried meatballs. The options are beef or pork- we chose beef.

Let me start with the Rangoon, the flavor was stellar. Sweet, tart and perfectly crispy on the outside. This came with a sweet chili sauce on the side for dipping. Superb

Close up of the Rangoon’s

The Dragon Ball Z appetizer was very good, smokey flavor- good texture. This was served with a red sauce that complimented the flavor of the meatball.

So yummy!

Both appetizers together

For our main meals I had the Crispy Wonton Drunken- which was their twist on Drunken Noodles. Replacing the noodle were these incredible crispy wontons. Spicy, hearty and a large serving. Very good.

I could eat this for days…

My boo had the Sakura Falls Ramen, which was quite different than typical Japanese ramen but still had good flavor and a hearty broth.

Plated so well!

Last but certainly not least were our amazing desserts. We ordered the Green Tea Pancakes and the Tiramisu. The pancakes were actually like these fried dough triangles which were topped with a sweet green tea powder and was served with a side of green tea ice cream. Both of these desserts hit the spot.

Beautiful presentation

Close up of Green Tea Pancakes

Close up of Tiramisu

We also had some yummy drinks including Thai Tea with and without Boba and a cold Chinese Herbal tea.

Thai Tea- Not to sweet, just right

Very unique flavor

All in all, a great meal and we will definitely be back with friends.

When you first walk in

Interior with a friendly Teddy Bear 🙂

Outside view


  • Self service, you take a menu go up front order and pay and then it is served to you
  • Go ready to eat, a lot of the menu items will entice you
  • On a main road, but we found parking on the street, may have to walk a bit

Eat Well,

Life as a Maven



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