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The hidden gem that keeps on giving. That’s what I think about this new-ish establishment “The Keep”. Barreling into the food and craft cocktail scene last year they have won the hearts of many Lowellians and beyond. With their ability to keep things exciting, especially their cocktails I find myself always looking forward to the next time I go. Honestly, I have never left anything but happy after a meal at the Keep. This is of course because they have great things to eat and drink but also because the atmosphere is literally one cool vibe all around.

Recently Luteh ( the Keep’s cocktail aficionado) and I had a conversation about trying out their new brunch menu ( cocktails included) and writing about them. Because guess what? I hadn’t written a piece on them yet. ( I know, I know GASP) That had to be remedied so we scheduled it, put it on the calendar and last week I had the most delicious, boozy brunch in a cozy, sunny corner with my main man- my husband. ( insert hearts and googly eyes here, teehee)

We proceeded to order a few items off the brunch menu and then a cocktail apiece, because unlike what it may seem like we actually don’t drink that much. BUT, Luteh wasn’t having it and sent out I think almost every drink on the new menu- and let me just say OH.MY.GOODNESS. Could their cocktails get any better? I don’t know, but I literally enjoyed every single cocktail, they each had a different look, different flavor, some were tangy, some were floral- all were refreshing. The literal definition of “boozy brunch” was had on this fine day.

Bringing The Keep to Lowell is something I am so pleased that the owners did. The Chef creates the tastiest food, the ambiance is everything plus more and people are just really nice. They go above and beyond to really make you feel at home and I am honored that I had the opportunity to stop by and check them out. It’s places like these that really continue my love for Lowell as a city, a city thriving and growing little by little. Of course, without the people backing it and helping it grow and become something greater it wouldn’t be where its at right now. Another thing I love about the Keep. So many of my colleagues and friends in Lowell talk to me about this place – I love that everyone loves it just as much as I do! Who knew that we could have an upscale whiskey bar in Lowell??? 🙂

So who wants to see all that delicious food and better yet…all those DRINKS? Well keep on reading and scrolling because you’re in for a treat!

Our brunch had both sweet and savory items from the menu as well as a delicious array of drinks. This was my first time having smoked salmon ( you can judge me later) and I loved the way they made it!!! The Bourbon pancakes were slightly boozy, and that butter was outstanding. Also the pork belly from the Dirty Benny? Juicy, crispy and a little sweet. You know what? Just get it all, you won’t regret it.

Food |

  • Smoked Salmon Tartine
  • Dirty Benny
  • Bourbon Silver Dollar Pancakes
  • Tiramisu ( this is not always on the menu but it was INCREDIBLE)

Craft Cocktails |

  • Danna’s Daiquiri
  • Thyme After Time
  • License 2 Dill
  • When Life Gives you Lemons, Make Coffee
  • The Keep Bloody Mary


Drink menu w/table plates & cloth napkins

I love the table settings

Left | Danna’s Daiquiri | Right | Thyme After Time

Danna’s Daiquiri | Old Monk Rum, Demerara syrup, fresh squeezed lime, tiki bitters

Thyme After Thyme | Rose gin, elderflower, thyme, citrus & prosecco

Smoked Salmon Tartine | Za’atar mascarpone, fresh dill, smoked salmon, grilled sourdough bread

A thing of beauty right??

When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Coffee | Amaro, cold brew, sweet lemon


License 2 Dill | House infused cucumber vodka, elderflower, sweet dill, absinthe, bubble water

Dirty Benny | Pork Belly, poached eggs, creole hollandaise, on top of hash browns and english muffin

Bourbon Silver Dollar Pancakes | | 4 thick pancakes made with four roses bourbon batter, whipped maple butter & confectioners sugar

This spread is GOALS

The Keep Bloody Mary | Pureed tomatoes, candied applewood smoked bacon, titos handmade vodka

The bar area also that’s Luteh right there!

This was a Tiramisu delight


Writing this piece makes me want to hurry back and eat more of their brunch menu. Want to follow their journey? Go head on over to their Facebook page here and their Instagram page here



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