Welcoming Lt. Marisol Nobrega | The Foundation Mixer

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I want to be the voice that bridges the gap between the community and the police department” – Lt. Marisol Nobrega Last week I had the opportunity to meet the first Latina Lieutenant on the Lowell PD; Lt. Marisol Nobrega. The Foundation Mixer put together an event for the community to get to know Lieutenant Nobrega and highlight her story. I had the opportunity toRead Now

Lowell Folk Festival 2017

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“Whatever is good for your soul, do that.” The festival vibes this year were incredible. The community, the small businesses, the performers and even the weather- everything just meshed together and created a beautiful atmosphere all weekend long. I have to say it was the best year yet and no I’m not just saying that because I finally got to try the Filipino food boothRead Now

Cheese 101 – Mill City Cheesemongers

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I can’t remember a time when I didn’t love cheese; when I was a kid I would take blocks of cheddar and just eat them plain. If I could still get away with that I would still do it, but now I’ve grown up and realized there are so many kinds of cheese I cat eat many different varieties (to make up that block ofRead Now

6 Degrees of the Acre – Saint Jean Baptiste – Lowell, MA

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The fundraising event I attended last night for Coalition for a Better Acre was phenomenal. The first of its kind for the CBA, it was a resounding success and I was incredibly impressed with the format, the set up and of course the food! What is Coalition for a Better Acre? They are a membership based community development corporation dedicated to resident empowerment and sustainable communityRead Now