6 Degrees of the Acre – Saint Jean Baptiste – Lowell, MA

The fundraising event I attended last night for Coalition for a Better Acre was phenomenal. The first of its kind for the CBA, it was a resounding success and I was incredibly impressed with the format, the set up and of course the food!

What is Coalition for a Better Acre?

They are a membership based community development corporation dedicated to resident empowerment and sustainable community revitalization for current and future residents of Lowell and the Merrimack Valley.

 There are many programs that they offer for the community and I was so honored to be part of their first fundraiser, “6 Degrees of the Acre” . The Saint Jean Baptiste Cathedral that it was held in was gorgeous, with beautiful architecture and the food from the six different restaurants who donated their time and cuisine for this event were outstanding. The performances were lovely from the “Acre Girls” to the “Angkor Dance Troupe” and I learned so much about the people of Lowell from all different backgrounds and cultures.

Last night was also a mini history lesson for me, many times when you are a resident of a neighborhood or city you forget or don’t know its rich history. I was happy to learn about the Acre, and the people who grew up there and in other parts of Lowell and how they have contributed to society since then.

As an Acre resident I am so pleased that there are organizations such as this one who focus on community development and growth. A city’s people define its legacy; this is true no matter where you are from. We all bring life and richness to a community and supporting Coalition for a Better Acre and other organizations like it will only add to that.  Something we all want for our communities is value and the CBA  promotes that within the Acre and all other areas of Lowell.

I hope you enjoy the pictures I took from last night’s event and look up the CBA!





Very quick video of amazing dance!


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