Spicy Noodle Challenge- Twelve Hours

Twelve Hours in Brighton, MA is one of my favorite restaurants and ever since I had been there this Spring I had been wanting to go back. After seeing them post about a mega spicy dish they have on Instagram I decided to challenge myself to try to eat it. I live streamed it on IG and did my best but in the end it conquered me. It’s not very often I write twice about restaurants unless I have such unique dining experiences that I just have to- which in this case I did.

This time we brought some friends and we ordered lots of appetizers, and just had such a pleasant meal. Although the spicy noodles conquered my tastebuds and I everything else was incredible, fresh and so tasty. Twelve Hours redefines Asian Fusion by providing unique mash-ups with traditional food dishes and they keep exciting your tastebuds. From Blueberry Crab Rangoons (remember those from last time) to Curry Duck & Avocado you are sure to find something to excite the senses and enjoy your meal.

For appetizers we ordered:

  • Chicken Satay Buns
  • 12 Hours Wings(Basil Sauce)
  • Blueberry Crab Rangoon
  • Mango Crispy Rolls

The buns were delicious and I loved the peanut sauce

Plenty of sauce and goodness

The wings were so good and flavor was throughout the chicken not just the skin. Loved the basil flavor.

Great chicken wings!

The Blueberry Crab Rangoon was delightful as usual and felt like you were eating a sweet treat in the middle of the meal 🙂

Filled to the brim with filling and deliciously crispy

The Mango Crispy rolls were vegetarian and filled with mango, cabbage, carrot and vermicelli. Really light but still flavorful.

Perfect size & texture

I can’t pick a favorite- they were all good in their own unique way.

For my noodle challenge I ordered the Madness Lover which consists of Udon Noodles, basil. onion, egg & bell pepper in a spicy basil sauce. I went up to Spicy Level 3- even with all the spice the flavor of the dish was still so good and when I eventually had to stop because of the spice level I was so sad because it was good! With tears falling out of my eyes I managed to eat about 8-10 bites before I finally had to stop. Do you DARE? 😀

Doesn’t look so spicy does it?

Proof of my crying eyes, swollen nose and lips! I Tried! 😀

Friends & my love had the Korean Noodle w/Chicken, Duck Avocado Curry, & Dragon’s Whisper w/Chicken- I had bites of the Korean Noodle and Duck Avocado- delish.

The duck was so tasty and the sauce was delicious

Dragon’s Whisker- loved the presentation with the egg on top 🙂

Also as a note I had the Taro Tea and it was delicious. I just had to throw that out there 🙂

To end this delicious meal I ordered some coconut ice cream- due to the fact that my body was still riding the spicy high and I needed some comfort. The coconut ice cream was everything I needed and more. Creamy, rich and delicious with bits of coconut throughout. So good!

Ice Cream is best shared with friends 🙂

Once again I left happy and content – I will definitely be back.

Signing off,

Life as a Maven & Mr. Teddy



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