Simply Khmer-Lowell, MA

I’ve never had Cambodian food, and what better day to try it than the Cambodian, Laos & Thai New Year yesterday? My friend Sarin and I met up at Simply Khmer in Lowell and proceeded to order a variety of dishes. While I loved all of them except one, I was glad to have an entry into Cambodian Cuisine and enter a new food world. I am pretty open to try different foods, flavors etc, at least once anyway. Their menu was diverse and while I wanted to order more things, our stomachs decided on a couple appetizers and then a couple main dishes which we shared family style.


Nam Jein: Ground Chicken, Taro, Carrot, Sweet Potato & Onion

I really liked these, I had never had Taro before and I really loved the texture of it. It reminded me of the Spanish style Yucca, but smooth instead of grainy. The flavors were very good.


Kruoch Bumporng: Deep fried marinated Quail served with fresh lime and black pepper

First time also having Quail (see a pattern…) haha. The meat is different from Chicken, but flavorful and rich. I enjoyed them.


Tuk Kroung Khmer:Fish, ground smoked fish, prahok, garlic, fresh lime juice and chillies with mixed vegetables.

This was the one thing I didn’t like, I think I would need to build up to this. It is extremely fishy in flavor, but as I told Sarin I felt Like I was swimming in the ocean when eating this. The texture was good, and the vegetables crisp. I tried it at least!! 🙂


Kaw Sach Jrouk:(Pork stew Khmer Style) Pork, eggs, bamboo shoots, garlic and black pepper

I loved this!!! The broth was sweet and savory and the pork belly was tender. Wonderful flavor.

Along with the meal we had hot tea which was good and realxing!

After this experience I can’t wait to try more Cambodian flavors, stay tuned because this Saturday I am trying another Cambodian spot in Cambodia town in Lowell as well as a myriad of other foods for a food tour!


My beautiful friend & I

Happy Cambodian, Laos & Thai New Year!!!!

Eat Adventurously!




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