Saigon Noodles – Manchester, NH

On a recent adventure, I stumbled upon this Pho place that literally lit up my day. Unassuming on the outside, you don’t immediately think this is going to be on of the most heart and soul warming lunches you will eat. It was that and more and I wanted to share my experience with you all.

When we arrived, the place was empty and our waitress who also seems to be the owner quickly got us menus and served us artichoke tea. Artichoke tea? Yes and on first sip, I was in heaven. She had put fresh ginger in it and somehow the mix made it taste like gingerbread cookies, I don’t know why but it did.

Perfect Artichoke tea

The menu is small, one page and mostly all Pho choices ranging from vegetable to meat Pho’s, a few appetizers and a few drinks. We decided on the eggrolls, and when they were served to us she said the proper way was to wrap the lettuce around the roll and dip it in the sauce. This gave it a freshness while also chilling down the heat from the roll. These were incredible.

Nicely plated and good flavors

Limeade was the drink of choice and it was the best limeade I have had so far. It was homemade, just the right amount of tartness and just a bit sweet. The flavors balanced really well together.

This Limeade was crazy good

As the meal, we ordered the Chicken Pho and when it came out it was steaming and fresh with lots of vegetables and broth. The chicken was well seasoned, not just shredded chicken breast and the broth was quite flavorful. The vegetables were crunchy and were a good addition to the broth.

A perfect lunch, for a cold day

Close up of the Pho

This is a spot I definitely recommend, service was quick and friendly, the price was affordable and the food itself was outstanding. A great spot to travel to if you are craving some good soup.

Stay tuned, lots of more exciting things are going to be posted soon!

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