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Food may be essential as fuel for the body, but good food is fuel for the soul


Food; good food, is made with soul and heart and you can taste the love when you eat really good food. Rhythm ‘n Wraps in Boston is this and more. It has a whole vibe around it that welcomes you in and comforts you all while providing an incredible, good for you meal. They have a vibrant, Vegan menu that transforms your idea of what food should be to how food can be and it creates a wonderful juxtaposition with that you have been brought up to believe about food. 

Personally I am not vegan, but I am always open to trying new cuisines regardless if there is meat in it or not. You all also know I love inventive cuisine and new twists on classics and they provide this plus some surprises. From their house sauces to their Rhythm Punch I was blown away by how inventive their food is and the flavor components of each dish we ate, and we ate A LOT! I

In my journey to highlight more Black-owned businesses, I knew that Rhythm had to be on the list. Owners Felicia Pinckney, Aaron Cohen, and Sophia Cohen are an incredible team that each bring something special to their business and I was blown away by their hospitality and welcoming environment. They really made us feel at home the day we went and were super open about their vision for their business, what they bring to their community and how they intertwine Rhythm ‘n Wraps into the fabric of the Allston-Brighton neighborhood of Boston. As the Maven, I always try to connect my followers and readers to the people behind the business. Small business is the core of each of our communities, whether its the neighborhood cafe you always go to and know the owner by name or the beauty shop- they connect all of us. Now, more than ever we need to support our small businesses because times call for action, action to unite, to band together, and create what we want to see in each of our neighborhoods and communities.

*Photography for this piece was a collaboration between Rita Tinega founder and owner of Visual Mag and us.

Top: L to R: Sophia Cohen, Aaron Cohen, Felicia Pinckney

Photography | Rita Tinega for both

Bottom: addition of the Maven 🙂


So what can you eat at Rhythm n Wraps? Well, there is something for everyone, from the loaded fries to impossible burger to the “chicken” sandwich – OH and let’s not forget the patties; OMG the patties. Think of traditional Jamaican patties with a Vegan twist. I tried three of them, the Lentil, “Chicken” and Jerk Plantain ( which was a huge favorite). They also have an incredible Rhythm Punch, which I mentioned above that is their take on Sorell.

Needless to say, I was impressed with all of their food and cant wait to go back. Seeing as its right at the end of Black Business month I felt it imperative I make sure to write about them before August ended. So go take a drive, get a feast, and get it joyfully knowing you are eating good, hearty food made with love. Also, if you can take a peek inside their restaurant, I was obsessed with their wall of old school rap artists, it was a vibe. A whole vibe. Go support local, go, support people, go support community, go support Rhythm ‘n Wraps.


Loved these vibes

Checking out the inside

Sophia and Aaron in the kitchen 🙂

Rhythm Punch | Hibiscus, ginger, and sorell – this drink was freaking amazing

The Jerk Plantain pattie – drool-worthy

 Impossible Burger | Pretzel bun, cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, chipotle mayo

Tostones Tacos | Tostones, relish, fresh salsa, Chef’s special sauce

Loaded Saucy Chili Fries | Loaded vegan chili, vegan sour cream, guac, pico, chipotle

Impossible cheeseburger turned eggroll


Out of all the food we ate, I don’t even know if I could pick a favorite, BUT my favorite thing to eat was the tostones tacos because it reminded me of being back home in Puerto Rico on the beach, eating Puerto Rican food and honestly when food provides memories you know you’re in the right place.

So from the Maven to you out there who follow me and my journey through eating and experiencing all the things put your money where your mouth is and support small businesses like Rhythm ‘n Wraps that bring soul to food in their own, unique ways all while leaving a mark on the community around them.

Thank you again to Felicia, Aaron, and Sophia for making us feel so welcome, until next time.

Signing off, but not for long,

Life as a Maven

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