Omelets, Apples, Ramen & Crepes!

Obviously I had a weekend foodventure. So much food, so many different flavors to explore. Absolutely incredible weekend spent with friends and family.

Saturday I decided to try making an omelet, first time ever (crazy I know) for someone who cooks as much as I do I should have tried this long ago. The result was a great healthy omelet full of flavor.



Yellow & Orange Peppers Quarter of each diced

Onion half diced

6 eggs

Fresh Basil (for the inside and as garnish)

Fresh Mozzarella Cheese (inside and garnish)

I had also bought some new apples I had never tried before. Opal Apples and Jumani Apples both were refreshing and crisp. The Opal was a bit sweeter but very crisp and the Jumani was more tart, crisp and super juicy. Both would be good for baking.


Sunday we went to a Ramen place in Allston, MA called Totto Ramen which was superb, waitresses super friendly, the broths were phenomenal and the Char Siu Pork Bun was superb. Absolutely superb. The experience was really lovely and I would go back in a heartbeat.


We finished off our already lovely night at a place down the street called “Paris Crepperie” I truly was not expecting it to be as good as it was, after all crepes are crepes. At least before. I was stunned at how fresh and perfect the crepes were and the ingredients they offer are simply superb.

I ordered a Nutella Hot Chocolate, yes “NUTELLA” it was just as good as it sounds. For me and Roosevelt to share we had the Dulce de Leche Crepe with Whipped Cream and powdered Sugar, wonderful. Our friends ordered the Nutella Cannoli Crepe, Cinnamon Apple Crepe and the Smores Crepe. All superb (I ate a couple bites from those too.)

Loved this place so much its my featured pictured.

Wonderful weekend, I bought some fresh ingredients as well to cook with this week and hopefully explore more new flavors.




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