My Food Tour Through Atlanta

“Food is our common ground, a universal experience.” -James Beard

Atlanta, oh how I missed you! Full of warmth, hospitality and some the most incredible restaurants I have ever eaten in;  Atlanta is a city you don’t feel overwhelmed by because of how friendly the people are. All over the city, no matter where we went, we were welcomed and that is something I never forget and it’s why I keep going back.

The last couple years we have been going because of the big convention that happens every year: “Dragon Con”. This convention brings thousands of people to the city during the labor day weekend. We had a blast this year exploring the convention but we also ate tons of food in many different places. I wanted to share my food experiences with you from this year and also mention last year’s gems so you could get a real look into the cuisine of Atlanta and everything it has to offer.

Restaurants Visited:

Last year we had the distinct pleasure of discovering Thumb’s Up Diner for breakfast. This year we went twice; the breakfast is delicious and filling and the service was stellar. Our server’s both times went above and beyond to make sure all our needs were met and I even bought some of the famous peach marmalade that is at each table. So delicious.

Shrimp & Cheesy Grits- I added the runny egg.

Coffee and peach marmalade

Skillet Heap w/ Multigrain Biscuit (these biscuits are delicious)

Love the mural painted outside of the building.

I heard about Sublime Doughnuts through a friend in Atlanta and we decided to take a mini morning adventure and check them out. Every doughnut I tasted, I loved. The flavors, the freshness- it was just so incredible. They also had these really delicious iced coffees, one was infused with chocolate milk and the other with caramel. Quite yummy! My favorite doughnut I had was the Orange Dream Start- (yes it was hard to choose, as they were all so good).

Wall art 🙂

Picking out our donuts

L to R: Red Velvet, Sweet Potato, Orange Dream Star, Strawberries & Cream, Oreo, Nutella, S’mores, Peach Fritter, Chocolate Raspberry Fritter, Reeses, & Fruity Pebbles

The next place I want to talk about is Ginya Izakaya, a Japanese restaurant that we had been talking about since the first time we went last year. By far, they have the best Ramen I have ever eaten anywhere and short of Japan (which is on the list) I am sure Ill keep searching until I find one nearly as good. The service is wonderful, the food is so good, and they have so much variety to have to try many things to get the full experience.

The Black Sugar Plum Wine (Kokuto) is my favorite drink from there. It was a sweet, smoky flavor and is the perfect accompaniment to anything you eat there. I ordered the Tonkotsu Tan Tan Ramen, which was slightly spicy, full of minced meat, flavor and the broth was just out of this world. We also ordered barbecued meats of which you have a choice to season with Teriyaki or Sea Salt. Delicious.

Kunpai! Plum Wine & Mango Juice


Tonkatsu Tan Tan Ramen

Chicken, Mushrooms & Pork Belly

Chef’s hard at work!

The Taiyaki was incredible- perfect end to a lovely meal


When I say Atlanta has diverse cuisine, it has cuisine from all over the world including Desta Ethiopian Kitchen. I randomly found this place when three of us were looking for a place to eat after shopping at the Lenox Square Mall. I have only had Ethiopian food once before so I really wanted to try this spot and get a sense for what authentic Ethiopian food was supposed to be. I came to the right spot- full to the brim with people they have both outdoor and indoor seating. From start to finish the service was impeccable- no complaints whatsoever.

The most delicious Ethiopian Honey Wine

Sambusa- Beef filled deliciousness with the most intense sauce

Our table filled with delicious meats and “Injera” an Ethiopian bread

Lamb Tibs w/Potato Stew & Rice (the stew was so good!)

Chicken Tibs w/Injera

Close up of the Potato Stew

Dulce de Leche Cheesecake

Strong, smooth & delicious Ethiopian coffee (I drank it black-perfect!)

Last year when we went to Atlanta we met some new people including a couple whom I mentioned in last year’s blog. We met them for dinner this year at a new place that has been around for a short time. Annie Mae’s Pantry- home to meals cooked from the heart and an atmosphere that makes you want to stay. From delicious chicken to decadent desserts this place has all the soul food you want. I had the opportunity to also meet Andra the lady behind this place and she was such a gem- her hospitality made me love this place even more. So many thanks to her!

LOVED this wall-beautiful

Simple yet effective menu

Dirty Bird- Jerk Chicken w/ Greens & Sweet Potato- Side of Plantain Waffle (most perfect waffle ever and the syrup was to die for)

Coconut Lemon Cake- just the right amount of everything in this cake

Tacoma, Andra & I

Layout of the place

I had read about Amelie’s French Bakery & Cafe before arriving in Atlanta and had been wanting to try them since I landed. This cafe is huge with tons of quirky decor and lots of nooks and crannies. They sell french style breakfast along with coffee’s, cold drinks, pastries and more. I had a most delicious breakfast baguette sandwich and then complimented that with delicious pastries baked to perfection. So glad I had the opportunity to check them out.

Look at that lighting 🙂

Coffee’s were so good- I didn’t have to add anything to mine.

Egg, Ham, Tomato & Grruyere on a Baguette- delicious

Key Lime Tart & Pecan-Pumkin Mini

Egg, Sausage, Tomato & Mozzarella on a Baguette

Lavender Lemonade was so yummy

Last but not least is DAS BBQ, a last minute place we found to eat. I told myself we had to eat barbecue at least once in Atlanta before we left, and this meal is incredibly special to me because it was our last meal in the city before we left. On Sunday night we drove out to this place expecting to eat good food- what we had was food that filled soul and filled us with so much happiness we drove back home on a high.

So the story starts by us walking in and only Beef Brisket and Pulled Pork being available- no problem. We all like these meats. We ordered the biggest platter a “quad” and doubled up on meat. For sides we ordered mac & cheese, collards, potato salad, brunswick stew and peach cobbler.

The meat was juicy and tender, we had some housemade bbq sauce- one infused with Peach and the other infused with Expresso. Both delicious and perfect addition to the meats. I personally like my meat not heavily salted and this was perfection. The mac and cheese was out of this world, the potato salad was tasty and fresh, the collards had a unique smokey flavor I found to be delicious, the brunswick stew was super flavorful (my first time having it) and the peach cobbler was warmed and sweet.

Wait! I am not finished with the story yet- we were given an extra plate that had been made for pictures for social media- on that plate was the “Elote Corn” which was creamed corn with the most incredible, spicy flavor I have ever had. I am still thinking about that corn, so good. Then before we left we were given the White Chocolate Banana Pudding and let me tell you, the first time in my life I have ever eaten Banana Pudding and liked it. It was that good.

Cheers to them and how welcome they made us feel- we will be back next time we are in ATL.

Menu options

Delicious sauces

Brisket, Pulled Pork, Collards, Potato Salad

Elote Corn

Brunswick Stew, Mac & Cheese and Peach Cobbler

Little piggy!


This banana pudding though…

All in all fantastic trip to Atlanta this year full of old friends, new friends, food and adventures. Can’t wait to go back!!! Check out the places below that all deserve a visit as well from our adventures last year 🙂

  • Gus’ World Famous Chicken
  • Atlanta Breakfast Club
  • Mellow Mushroom
  •  Grant Park Coffeehouse

Livin the Maven Life!




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