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One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating. – Luciano Pavarotti

The Montreal food scene is eye-opening, from the ice cream to the donuts it was all good. The ingredients, the freshness – they had it all. In our two day stay we managed to go to several places and each has their own unique place in Montreal. In a city where there are restaurants, cafes & ice cream shops seemingly on every corner people still manage to be unique in their offerings and present delectable food. This foodie guide to Montreal is a list of places we tried while there, but it is not comprehensive in the least. There is so much to eat there and so many different kinds of cuisine that we literally could of chosen a different part of the world each day to eat from ( and we actually kind of did).

From the Caribbean to Italy we tried some rich, flavorful foods  and met some pretty cool people along the way. One of my favorite parts about being a blogger/writer is the access it gives me to meet people and it prompts me to get out of my shell. Food does this and more; when you share your table with others you create your own community and it is literally one of the best feelings. Montreal welcomed us with open arms and I have been missing it ever since we left. We managed to do a whole lot in short time we were there which is why I had to dedicate a whole post on just how awesome the food was. You can check out my other post which was the Travel Guide on things to do in Montreal and keep reading on to check out photos and food places we went to!


  • Tim Hortons | 415 Rue de Carillon, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC J3B 4C1, Canada

You just know I had to try Tim Hortons on my first trip to Canada, I mean how could I not? Coming from the East Coast where DD’s is king I had to try Canada’s version and honestly ( I fell in love, sorry DD). The iced latte and Jam filled donut I had was delicious. Perfect for a quick stop snack. They also had and extensive menu, much bigger than I am used to from quick establishments like these.

Iced latte & Canada jam donut


  • Lloydie’s | 66 Rue Saint Viateur O, Montréal, QC H2T 2K8, Canada

This was a small place full of character, cool decor and of course delicious food. Their menu is simple but not small by any means. Offering hearty fair like full plates of oxtail and jerk chicken to different kinds of meat patties and more. Everything we had was flavorful, filling and mine was deliciously spicy! Also I loved the fun bottled drinks we bought, oh and the MAC AND CHEESE = life.

Is this menu great or what?

Jerk Chicken with Plantains & Rice

Chicken Patty

Spicy Jerk Pork Sandwich

Mac & Cheese

Signage 🙂


One of two ice cream places we went, Crèmerie was so different than places I had been to before. I say this because of the options, the flavors, and the freshness. Also they did this juice concoction for Roosevelt that was so good he wanted to go back and get more of. They are a tiny little place but full of character. The flavors I got, Lavender and Passionfruit were literally perfect- the subtle sweetness of the lavender offset the rich tartness of the passion fruit in the best way possible. 🙂

Lavande & Fruit de la Passion ( Lavender and Passion Fruit)


As we were walking throughout old Montreal there were many food places and honestly I wanted to try all of them- who wouldn’t? But we settled on Bevo because we were craving Italian food and it looked like a neat spot to hang out. We were right. It turned out to be some pretty amazing Italian food with lots of rich flavors, the flavors I always crave when looking for good, real Italian food. We ordered simply – Meatballs as an appetizer and then I shared a pizza with my sis in law- perfect! Pasta was also ordered, which was quite tasty ( I stole a bite 🙂 )

Outside as you walk in

Meatballs – this sauce was everything

Really good pizza- perfect for sharing

I mean look at this pasta- goals for sure


  • La Cornetteria | 6528 St Laurent Blvd, Montreal, QC H2S 3C6, Canada

This one is going to be long. I warn you because we all fell in love with this place and didn’t want to leave. So I have been missing Italian “brioche” since we left Italy last year. I remember the last Pistachio cream filled brioche I had in the airport in Milan and sometimes tears come to my eyes ( haha jk jk, but no really). It literally cannot be found in Massachusetts, I have tried and failed. It just isn’t done. So when I saw La Cornetteria in a search I did and saw that they made it ( Cornetti- different parts of Italy have different names for it) I almost jumped for joy.

We made the drive out there and immediately I fell in love with the exterior and interior. Super homey, inviting and colorful ( like much of the other places in Montreal). Roosevelt of course started speaking Italian to the couple behind the counter ( who were lovely people) and so our visit began. Sharing stories and history and eating REALLY GOOD brioche/cornetti was the highlight of our trip ( foodie trip).  The coffee, the brioche, the PANINO – I mean I really could go on and on. I’ll say this once, I would drive the almost 5 hours it takes to get up there just for this place it was that good. So please, enjoy these photos and if you’re in the area check them out.

Three perfect Cafe Latte’s

This spread went on for days

Limoncello Cronetto ( so yummy)

The most perfect panino – mozzarella, tomato, pesto

A la Marmalata

This husband and wife duo were amazing! So happy we met them!

The cutest exterior right??


The second ice cream shop we went to in Montreal was this brightly lit, fun place. They are open pretty late which was great because we had just gone to see the sunset at Mont Royal and wanted a pick me up before heading to our Airbnb. It was super busy even late night, which is always a good sign. They had tons of flavors of ice crean plus soft serve which is where I decided to go. I went a little crazy with it but it was some of the best soft serve I have ever had.

Vanilla Soft serve, mokaccino chocolate dip & covered in oreo ( excessive but necessary)

They also sell lots of candy 🙂


  • Crèmy | 2202 Mont-Royal Ave E, Montreal, QC H2H 1K4, Canada

All of you by now know I am a donut fiend so it was my goal to try at least one donut shop in Montreal. My wish was granted and we went to Crèmy which offered coffee, donuts, fresh bread, beautiful pastries & ice cream. Really an amazing little shop. Even in the afternoon there were a good selection of donuts so we bought 3 (haha) and they were quite delicious. These donuts were denser and fluffier than I am used to ( that’s a good thing) the pistachio one I ate ( I am not going to lie I also ate the Salted Caramel one too…) was super yummy and I loved the combination of pistachio and cherry jam.


These donuts though!

All the splendor of these donuts


The last place we went to in Montreal was Croissant Croissant. They lived up to their name with a million and one different kinds of croissants- which were delicious by the way. Can I say croissants in Montreal are perfect? With many layers and delicious flavor its like a bite of buttery goodness.  Anyway we ordered some coffees, some sandwiches and some croissants- all good. Everything was super fresh and this was a rare occasion I loved a cold sandwich.

Cortado- delish!

So many croissants- I bought the Croissant a la Lime ( drool)

The little nook where we sat

Look at all those layers!

Delicious sandwich-Ham, cheese, pickle & greens on this amazing baguette


I hope you all enjoyed these photos and my foodie tales. If you’re in Montreal take a little trip and visit one of them ( or all of them). Its worth it. Here’s to many more adventures!


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  1. Native Montrealer here. Great recommendations, I didn’t even know about some of these places. Two spots that I’d suggest for anyone looking for more options: Kafein – they’re a restaurant and lounge and they have a very chill vibe. Great for anyone who thrives in a hipster atmosphere. The other place is Burritoville which, as it sounds, is full-on Mexican food. It is genuinely the most scrumptious. MHM.

    1. Omg I’ll try them next time I go up!!! Thanks for the suggestions!

  2. All of this food is making me soo hungry. Definitely going to check these places out next time I’m in Montreal!

    1. Yes please do!!

  3. I’ve never been to Canada at all but dying to – all these treats look AMAZING! Esp that Canadian Jam donut. YUM! x Shannon •

    1. Ugh yes! Its a definite must visit

  4. I’ve never been to Canada, but everyone says Tim Horton’s is a must!! I really hope to get up there some day!

    1. I have to say I loved Tim Hortons- Thanks so much for stopping by

  5. All of this food looks amazing! Montréal is going on my bucket list!

    1. Yes! So glad you stopped by!

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