Mexico + Japan = Maruyama

For the last month or so I had the pleasure of working  in Northborough, while it may not seem exciting the food scene there is pretty cool. I found so many little spots I loved and thought were really good. My favorite was a fusion place that meshed the cuisines of Mexico and Japan and the flavors coming through were just so authentic I fell in love.

One highlight was the Surrito a cross between a sushi roll and a Burrito. They managed to have both cultural flavors really come through. You had guac, beans, your choice of meat wrapped in sushi rice and seaweed. They then gave you spicy salsa to dip it in. It was so good I started raving about it to everyone. It is a small little place on the border of Westborough and Northborough and deserves a visit.

Their regular sushi is amazing as well super filling, fresh and flavorful. The minced pork buns with cilantro were to die for.

Other places of note:
Apple &  Spice
Blue Coast Coffee
Yummy Mummy bakery
Lil Ms Mart
Pho Sure

Each one with their own unique food or sugary sweet. I was impressed overall with all the food and sweet treats I ate. So excited to keep exploring around me. Look around there is always a hidden gem



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