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Have you ever had Momos? No? Well you’re going to find out what they are and why you should try them plus more great food from a great spot I just found in Somerville. Martsa on Elm is right in Davis Square and even now almost two weeks later I can taste the flavors from all the delicious food I had including the to-die-for Momos which are Tibetan style dumplings.

Chef and owner Choesang and Dechen Martsa, both have origins in Tibet and were born and raised in India. In their food you can see the influences of Indian food while still keeping true to their Tibetan roots and offering a modern take on the cuisine. I so enjoy exploring cultures through food and Martsa took me on an adventure that let me explore  different flavors while also remaining comfortingly familiar.

We started off the meal with Chicken Momos ( steamed), which again are traditional Tibetan Dumplings- they came with a savory slaw that was quite delicious together with the dumplings. At the table there was this spicy chili sauce which I also tried with the Momos, honestly the dumplings didn’t need anything, they were perfection even by themselves. You can get Momos fried as well, so next time I definitely want to try those.

We also ordered two more starters, the Pumpkin Balls which were potato & pumpkin balls fried to perfection with chipotle aioli PLUS the Martsa Spring Rolls which were so different from what we were expecting. One of my favorite things though 🙂

We all really loved our main dishes which were all packed with flavor without being too heavy. All in all such a great experience and I am really looking forward to going back and trying some more dishes. ( Also I am totally addicted to Momos now haha)

I was so excited to write about Martsa that I  waited a bit so I could do the post justice, now scroll down and take a look at all the beautiful pictures 🙂

Loved the interior of Martsa- so welcoming

The artwork!

Pumpkin balls, delicious and so fresh

Martsa Spring Rolls -Sauteed mixed vegetables with cheese

Isn’t this the cutest???

These dumplings gave me life!

Shamday – Traditional Tibetan recipe of beef and potatoes in curry

Chili Chicken – Battered chicken with veggies in a spicy ginger- garlic sauce

Shakampa – Bhutanese style beef w/potatoes cooked in a chili sauce w/tomatoes

Mughlai Chicken – marinated chicken w/spices & yogurt first grilled then prepared in a curried tomato sauce- SO GOOD.

Also, I have to mention this Ginger Lemonade – amazing with real ginger!

If you want to try a new style of cuisine this is definitely the spot for you. Davis Square is a pretty fun spot to go so its great for a weekend day to explore 🙂


Keep living that maven life!

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