Happy National Pi Day | Celebrate with Pizza!

Math is not my strong suit, so although I know that “Pi Day” has nothing to do with food, 🙂 I want to celebrate National Pi Day a bit differently-by providing a list of some of my favorite places to eat pizza. I have eaten quite a bit of pizza in my 29 years and will try pretty much any topping and explore a myriad of flavor combinations. From traditional pizza to vegan pizza I have had it all (almost) and I have to say that pizza is one of my favorite comfort foods. Some of these places are local to me in Lowell but I also included some of my other favorites which are not so close 🙂

  1. UnCharted Gallery –  Lowell, MA 

This art gallery has a home in Downtown Lowell with a wide array of pizza, wines & beers. Their pizzas are unique and have different flavor components and while there are some traditional ones like the “Margherita” there are also some non-traditional ones like “Evil Piggy” and “Eggplant Parmesan” that are really fresh and delicious. They also have a completely different atmosphere than most pizza places, with a cool artsy vibe that showcases different art from all sorts of artists and live music performances: Uncharted blends art and food perfectly together.

All the meat and all the veggies, love these pizzas!

2. Express Pizza- Bedford, MA

This place has been around for almost 30 years and their pizza does not disappoint. My go to is the Barbecue Chicken Pizza. The crust on their pizzas is one of my favorites in the area. They also have an extensive menu with other items, which are also very good. As an added plus Bedford House of Cupcakes is housed in the same location and the cupcakes are also delicious!

Barbecue Chicken Pizza

3. Pizza and Sub Stop – Lowell, MA

This place brings the unique flavors of Indian food into their non-traditional pizzas and other dishes. They also offer an extensive vegan and gluten free menu that is just as amazing. Located on a corner close to the Lowell National Park you can miss it if you aren’t careful. The care that is taken with each dish you get is noted every time you take a bite. Delicious and fresh flavors!

Vegan Tikka Pizza – Cashew based sauce

Chicken Tikka Pizza – spicy and sweet

4. Grazie Italian Restaurant – Dracut, MA

One of our favorite places for Italian food, Grazie combines traditional Italian flavors with a modern flair. Their pizzas are no different. With fresh flavors and amazing crust they take it up a notch with both their white sauce and red sauce options. One of my favorites there is the Amatriciana which has a thick fluffy crust and a delicious red sauce. Toppings are light but just enough.

Amatriciana Pizza – cheesy and delicious

5. Lincoln Tavern & Restaurant – Boston, MA

Who doesn’t love brunch? Lincoln has one amazing brunch and included in that is delicious breakfast pizza. Everytime I see this I literally jump for joy because it is one of my favorites. I love eggs literally on almost everything and on pizza? Yes, life made!

These eggs though!

6. Panini Pizza Co. – Middleton, MA

Their sauce is to die for. Their crust amazing and literally every bite was so good. They were voted best sauce at some point and I can see why. They have a variety of different kinds of pizza plus an extensive menu of other yummy looking items.

Look at that crust and sauce!!!

However you are celebrating Pi day today, make sure to make some time for some Pizza Pie 🙂

Some of my other favorites include:

Expresso Pizza-Lowell, MA

Pig Tale Restaurant – Nashua, NH

Eliu’s Hole in the Wall – Lowell, MA

All the Pizza,

Life as a Maven


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