Gyro & Kebab House Turkish Cuisine – Norwood, MA

Empty words don’t fill the stomach – Turkish Proverb

Turkish food is one of those cuisines that is either done really well and is absolutely delicious or just not. I have had both and believe me when I tell you that Gyro & Kebab House in Norwood, MA is the real deal. Our friends had told us about this spot so we decided to make the trek out to try their food recently. I left with a full stomach, a smile on my face, and a dancing palate.

Situated on a corner in a small strip mall, Gyro & Kebab house was bustling when we got there. Between takeout orders and the few diners ( like us) who decided to eat in they were busy the whole time, we were there. Which these days is fantastic to see. They have a pretty easy ordering system, look at the menu, then head up to the counter to order. You have a table number and then they bring the food to the table.

We ordered enough to feed a couple of families but it was worth it. Every bite I tasted something fresh and delicious. From the spiced meat to vegetarian dipping sauces to the freshly baked bread; everything was fantastic. We even ended the evening with one of my favorite desserts of all time….but more on that later.

Let’s talk about Turkish cuisine. Turkish cuisine is heavily influenced by its Ottoman heritage and is a fusion of Mediterranean, Balkan, Middle Eastern, Central Asian, Eastern European, and Armenian Cuisines. The Ottomans were heavily influenced by many other regions and their culinary traditions which is why Turkish cuisine is so varied and vast. It can vary between regions, but one thing is certain it is flavorful, aromatic, and absolutely decadent when done right!

So let’s get right into the food we ordered, what I felt about it, and how we ended the night with one of my absolute favorite desserts.


Complimentary Freshly baked bread

Mixed Vegetarian Plate (Babaganush, Lebni, Spicy Vegetable Dip, Eggplant in Tomato Sauce)

Pide (Turkish pizza)


Chicken Gyro ( Doner)

Meat (Lamb) Gyro (Doner)

Lamb Adana



Let’s get down to the photos and descriptions because they are all mouthwatering!


The vegetarian plate was full of flavor. Every single sauce/dip was different and unique. I was obsessed.

Pide’s are a type of Turkish style pizza. We got the Chicken Gyro one and it was so yummy. The crust was crisp and golden to perfection

The Chicken Donner plate was so tasty. The Chicken was super tender. Love that Bulgur instead of rice accompanied this.

Lamb Doner plate was full of flavor. Great dish!

Lamb Adana was beautifully tender and delicious

Now let’s talk a little bit more about Kunefe.  It is a dessert made from shredded filo dough, soaked in sweet syrup, and then is filled with cheese. It is served warm and is literal dessert heaven. The last time I had Kunefe this good was over five years ago in New Jersey in Little Arabia.

Hello there

That cheese pull is everything.

I really did fall in love with this place and has been added to the permanent list of restaurants I love. Definitely, a must-try and a must-visit.

Until next time!

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