Good Eats in Camden Maine

“Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us. Life is so endlessly delicious.” – Ruth Reichl

As you know from my Getaway to Camden Maine I had the most gracious hosts through Camden Maine Stay Inn. Not only did they provide an extensive list of things for us to do but they also shared some of their favorite places in the area to eat. Food is central to almost everything I do. I believe in the power of coming together and sharing a meal; which is why I love exploring new places to eat in my travels. Even though we were there for just the weekend we did manage to fit in some great places for lunch, dinner and snacks. Plus our breakfast’ at Camden Maine Stay Inn is also included here because of how delicious and tasty they were!

Everywhere we ate had such an inviting appeal; I truly enjoyed time spent at each of these places and I look forward to eating at them again in the future. Our adventures for food took us to both Camden and Rockport. Rockport is right next door to Camden and as you may remember from my previous post about Camden we did do some things in neighboring towns as well. The mid coast region is so beautiful!

  1. Nina June
  2. Fresh & Co.
  3. Camden Deli
  4. Three Dogs Cafe/Sweet Sensations Bakery
  5. Seafolk Coffee
  6. Camden Maine Stay Inn

Lets start with Nina June. Our hosts Janis and Peter Kesser from Camden Maine Stay Inn took us out to dinner here one of the evenings we were there. It is located on a little street in Rockport, actually right next to Seafolk Coffee. The ambiance is cozy, it has an open kitchen so you can see whats happening ( seeing the pasta being pulled together and served was a favorite) and the waitstaff incredibly friendly. From the cocktails to the dessert everything was stellar. I really enjoyed the dinner here and the company. I have been dreaming of the pasta I ate ever since I left.

Shishito Peppers | Roasted, sea salt, nduja spicy Calabrian sausage

Scallops | pan seared, roasted tomatillo salsa, cilantro & pumpkin seeds

Pappardelle | slow cooked goat ragu, san marzano tomatoes, rosemary

Tagliatelle | sauteed chanterelle & porcini mushrooms, winter savory

                      Apple pie with fresh whipped cream 

Layout of the kitchen

Fresh & Co was such a treat. With global cuisine as their reference they have some really interesting and inspired dishes. Their cocktails were also quite delicious and that BREAD! To die for. We were seated in plain view of the kitchen so it was fun watching them throughout the night. This was a quick walk from Camden Maine Stay Inn and along the way we saw some cool Halloween decorations! We tried a variety of menu items so we could get the full experience and we were not disappointed.

Absolutely delicious drinks!

 This bread was killer, with balsamic to dip

Bengali Vegetable Samosa | Caramelized cauliflower, spring peas, sweet onion & red pepper curry + pistachio

Baked Bulgarian Sheep’s Feta | Pecans, local honeycomb, crispy pita chips

Spanish Pisto Manchego | Roasted sweet peppers, winter squash, sour cream & chive frittata, beluga lentils

Creme Brulee | Creamy and delicious!

Camden Deli was a delicious fall treat. It was a little misty and cold that Saturday, so after perusing the different sores downtown we popped in for a bite of lunch and a drink. We shared a delicious sandwich and my friend Ashley’s Apple Cider was so amazing. The view from Camden Deli was so lovely as well and as we were waiting for our food it was just so nice to look outside the window at the harbor. They have an extensive menu plus tons of treats.

Crab Melt | Havarti, mushrooms, crab on sourdough

The most cuddly cup of apple cider

Three Dogs Cafe/Sweet Sensations Bakery was a quick stop on the way to the Farnsworth Museum. It was bustling with people inside, obviously a local favorite and the seating area was large and accommodating. I thoroughly enjoyed the latte I got from here and Ashley enjoyed her Macarons. Great little spot to hang out, grab a treat and something warm to drink.

The most delicious latte

Seafolk Coffee we stumbled upon by accident. On the evening we went to Nina June, Peter mentioned that there was a coffee shop next door but that it had no name. The next day when we were on our way to look at lighthouses It happened to be on the way so I pulled in. The interior was so warm and friendly and the Matcha Lattes we bought were so fresh and delicious. The view to the harbor was also stunning.

Great Matcha Latte

This view was so lovely

You already know how much I love Camden Maine Stay Inn from my previous post. Included in that was the delicious two course breakfast served to us each morning along with fresh coffee and juices. Not only did our hosts go above and beyond for each of their quests they were really interested in what each person wanted to do and were quick to recommend a myriad of places to eat, things to see and explore. Truly a great place.

Afternoon Cookies | Pumpkin White Chocolate Chip + Chocolate

Blueberry Juice and delicious coffee

The most delicious crunchy apples

I treasured every last bite of this eggs florentine OMG

A lovely fruit medley

This blueberry bake with savory, delicious sausage was unrivaled.

Until next time,

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  1. I am such a foodie so naturally I love this post!! Thank you for sharing all the places I need to go on my next visit!

    xo, Roselyn

    1. So glad you enjoyed!

  2. Ok…all of this food is making me HANGRY! Everything looks so delicious and what an incredible place! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by!

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    1. I mean its a hop skip and jump to get there soooo 😀

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