Go Nuts for Donuts

“You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy donuts and that’s kind of the same thing.”

I will never tire of writing about donuts and hopefully, you all will never tire of hearing about them and going on your own little adventures. I had the pleasure of going on a #doughnutadventure with my best friend this past Monday and somehow we made it through five doughnut shops. From small homegrown mom & pop shops to artisanal, newer shops we tried all sorts of donuts.

While in my own life I try to be as healthy as possible, I am a strong believer in splurging and enjoying the things you love. That just happens to be food for me (really anything about life) and every once in a while I love going on an adventure like this to check out what the world of sweets is doing now and what new flavor concoctions they’ve made.

Here in Lowell, we have our very own Donut Shack which should be famous as far as I am concerned because of how amazing all their donuts are. I have NEVER had a bad donut from them. Alas, I had to go to other cities and give them some benefit that they too can have amazing donuts as well 🙂

Our adventure started in Tewksbury on Main St at Donna’s Donuts, “Home of the Cheeseburger Donut”. It’s always a good sign when you can’t find parking and then have to wait in a line that almost circles the store. Yep, that was us parking in a totally different parking lot just so we could get some donuts.

We ordered two regular coffees, Donna’s Special and a “Philly Cheesesteak” Donut.

Favorite? Definitely the Philly Cheesesteak, and no ladies and gentlemen it’s not actual cheese and steak, it is simply a donut meant to look like a sub and it was incredible. The coffees were yummy and kept us awake the whole adventure-definitely try those as they have a ton of flavors.

Some of their varieties

Our two donuts!


Loved the box!

Next, we went to Donuts with a Difference in Medford, MA, known for their donuts and muffins. The place was empty when we walked in, pandemonium had broken loose and they had sold out of everything except jelly sticks and muffins. So we bought the last jelly stick and a blueberry muffin.

The stick itself was sugary and quite yummy, the blueberry muffin was moist and the blueberries burst with flavor and juice every time you bit into it. This will definitely have to be a must return so we can try all their other delicious treats. Another thing, the people here were incredibly friendly and invited us to sit down even though they were closing.

Cute little storefront

The last donut

This muffin was lovely

Signage and empty donut rack 🙂

Third stop was Union Square Donuts based in Somerville MA, – the line was practically out the door but thankfully they had plenty of options left. We got the Orange Creamsicle (OMG), the Vietnamese Coffee(YES PLEASE), and the Coconut Cream Filled. These donuts were killer, our favorite was the Orange Creamsicle although the Vietnamese Coffee was a close 2nd. Great spot, go early to get your fill.  They also offer Vegan Donuts which I did not get a chance to try- next time(Maybe I will do a Vegan Doughnut blog post) 🙂

The delicious Orange Creamsicle


Coconut Cream Filled

Vietnamese Coffee Donut

Our fourth stop was Blackbird Doughnuts on Tremont Street in Boston, I think we were suffering from doughnut fatigue at this point but were too hyped up on sugar to realize it. Regardless we bought some donuts and tried bits of all four of them. My favorite was the Coco-Razz which was tart, sweet and fluffy. So good!

Top left: Lemon Poppy Seed, Top Right: Cold Brew Coconut, Bottom left: Triple Chocolate and Bottom Right: Coco-Razz


Our fifth and last stop was Kane’s Donuts in Boston- as we were running on doughnut fumes and coffee I just ordered almost everything in sight (I can’t be blamed) because everything was colorful, vibrant and looked amazing. The flavors we chose were: Lavender, Honey Dipped, Honey Lemon Filled, Sweet Honey Hibiscus, Margarita and Blueberry w/Lemon Zest Glaze. Honestly? They were all freaking good though my absolute favorite was the Lavender, Honey Lemon Filled and Blueberry/Lemon Zest. Yes, I am allowed to have three favorites.

They also have these huge coffee rolls, cupcakes, and other assorted items as well. It’s best to park in a nearby parking garage, take a train or have someone go get donuts while you wait- this is Boston after all.

Look at these COLORS

They have two kinds of Gluten Free donuts as well

Love the signage

Our assortment

Margarita- Tart and sweet

Lavender- Unique, subtle perfection

This beauty was fantastic-Blueberry Lemon Zest

All in all great #doughnutadventure with the bestie and my niece and I can’t wait to showcase many other shops that were closed (but honestly probably couldn’t have fit any more donuts inside my belly, so it worked out)

Out of all the donuts, I could not pick a favorite shop- they all had their own unique take on donuts and in their own ways all had amazing donuts. . . Go check them out and make your own judgment 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this one…Till next time!

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