Getting to know Hull

My wanderlust for exploring little towns up and down the coast of New England never stops. Especially after coming from overseas and feeling the need to constantly explore and see everything I can, this was a great opportunity to take a couple days and explore the small coastal town of Hull, MA.

We had come here this past winter with a special deal but wanted to try coming again when we could do more and see more. Our weather has been so odd lately; between always raining and being cold to random bursts of sunshine. Regardless the time spent there was lovely and we did quite a bit of exploring.

Nantasket Beach Resort which is right in front of Nantasket Beach was where we stayed. We had a room with a beautiful ocean view and this hotel has many amenities right on site. For instance, we arrived late Friday night and while most dinner places were closed on the little peninsula, the Hotel restaurant, Paragon Grill was open and they had good food served very quickly. I recently started a 30 day sugar cleanse and they had plenty of items on the menu I could eat including Gluten free pizzas (which I’ll just have to try next time).

Little welcome from the resort!

Crab Cakes Appetizer, the Aioli was wonderful

Seared Scallops w/ Asparagus and Cauliflower- healthy and good!

Clams w/Linguine

I was so happy we had an entire day to explore on Saturday, we really managed to see quite a bit of the area and having a central hotel location was perfect.  We started off Saturday morning in Cohasset which is the next town over and had breakfast at a wonderful little spot called 5 South Main. It was a warm and inviting cafe with wonderful breakfast options as well as fresh baked goods. I veered off my 30 day sugar cleanse to have a bit of this wonderful jam they offered me 🙂 Definite must try if you are in the area!

*Note: I was pleasantly surprised Saturday morning when I woke up at 5:40 am and saw the sun was rising, and it was towards the end. Gorgeous!

Incredible view from Hotel balcony

Menu offerings from 5 South Main

Gorgonzola, Sausage & caramelized onion Omelette with Hashbrows & Multigrain bread

Such a great little place

We then made our way to World’s End Reservation which is located in Hingham, another town near by. With 4.5 miles of trails and fantastic views its a great place to go for a nice hike and to take pictures as the scenery is lovely. We saw the Boston skyline, even on a cloudy day and it was was an incredible thing to view from 15 miles away.

Up on a hill, you catch a glimpse of the skyline

Some tree blossoms we saw- so cool

Closer look at the skyline

Art installation, everything reflected off of it, very cool

Enjoying the view!

Another cool view

After all that walking I needed some energy so we decided to try out Marylou’s Coffee which I had heard was pretty great. I was so happy there was a location right in Hull! I loved it! It was so pink, but it was so unique. The coffee of the day was “Almond Cookie” which was really good, considering I didn’t put any sugar in it.

Walking into the entrance

Available coffee beans

So pink! 🙂

After relaxing at the hotel (again awesome central location), we decided to go across the street to the beach. We walked almost the entire length of the beach took us about 1.5 hours, the sun kept peeking out and giving us moments of warmth, overall great beach!


Beautiful, even on a cloudy day!

There were so many seashells everywhere, it was lovely

He’s still got it!! Doing somersaults and handstands on the beach

I managed a couple jumps, thats about it! 🙂 🙂

After the beach we went back to Rinato Bistro, which if you remember I had written a complete review back in February. They were warm and welcoming as always. Our phenomenal server Kate was so kind and really went the extra mile for us both. We quite enjoyed our dinner there with a great ocean view!

Clam chowder w/corn, bacon and potatoes & freshly ground pepper

Roosevelt’s Bolognese Classico (I tried the sauce, so good)

Perfectly cooked salmon on a bed of arugula, corn and a wonderful crema sauce. Grilled pita accompanied it. Great dish!

We then decided to try an chase the sunset, because of the clouds it proved to be somewhat difficult. We managed to just get a glimpse of the clouds changing color and a flash of the lighthouse. It was still beautiful and I was glad we ended our trip on such a great note.

Definitely check out Hull, MA, its a hidden gem and super relaxing. Can’t wait to go back and explore some other areas!


  • World’s End Reservation has a six dollar entrance fee if you don’t have membership
  • Cohasset & Hingham are very close and take a short drive, make sure you explore a bit
  • Spend a good amount of time at Nantasket Beach, its beautiful  and constantly changing.
  • Hull is a peninsula, there are other places to explore in town- we didnt have a chance this time.


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