Skillets, Seafood & Cannons

Last week we went to Gloucester. Wasn’t the original plan but it was a good one. We ended up trying this amazing little seafood restaurant called “Causeway” that was small but boisterous. Since it was packed and we had to wait we stopped next door to see if they had some longĀ  sleeved shirts since it was chilly and me and Roosevelt forgot our jackets.

We met the most amazing Husky next door called Takka along with the man who was running the store. They were so friendly and the dog kissed me several times. ??


We made our way back over and went in and ordered our food. The prices may seem high until you see the mountains of fresh seafood that come out… Roosevelt and I had skillets of food yes skillets. Our friends got a Platter to share that was also quite large. Seafood so good and so fresh you could taste the ocean.


Close by there was a state Park that was quite beautiful. Overlooking the water, lighthouses and it was a historical spot as well. There was an old bunker, cannons and historical markings. We would have stayed longer but so close to the water it was getting cold.

It’s a great spot to visit if you want great food and a good relaxing time. Very peaceful.

Life can be adventurous in many ways sometimes quiet sometimes out loud in your face. Enjoy all those moments and expand your horizons.

Live Adventurously,



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