Donut Shack- Lowell, MA

I woke up this past Sunday morning completely unaware that anything drastic had taken place, until I went to my Facebook page and saw a post by the shop owner from Mill No. 5.  A Doughnut post about an apple doughnut, which at first I thought could be from Top Donut or some other random chain doughnut shop in Lowell.

No, it was from Donut Shack, a tiny shop located on Westford, St in Lowell, a place I have lived around the corner from for almost seven years and a place that is now near and dear to my heart because of the fresh, fluffy donuts I happened to have on this past Sunday.

I ran to the shop at about 10:15 fearing there would be no donuts left, because their hours are 5-11:30 am. As soon as I walked in , five or so people walked in behind me. I ordered a dozen, and told the woman behind the corner to give me a mix of everything. She did and as I paid and walked out one person said he would pay me 25 dollars to have my golden box of donuts, of course I refused and kept them for myself. 🙂

Flavors I ended up with:

Marshmallow Filled


Chocolate Marshmallow Filled


Lemon Filled


Apple Filled


Blueberry Glazed



Marshmallow Filled & Apple Filled

As a food blogger this was an incredible treat and made my Sunday fun and exciting, I ended up sharing the rest with friends. Obviously I can’t eat 12 donuts by myself, even if I wanted to 🙁


Arrive early

Bring Cash

Prepare to be amazed

Be well!



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