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“As a comforter philosophy cannot compete with a good dinner”. | Mason Cooley

This quote couldn’t ring anymore true in my life than it does right now. Mostly because I am taking a Philosophy class that has my head in the clouds but also because I really enjoy a good dinner. One in which every detail is through out, flavors are on point & drinks keep flowing. One in which loud conversation and laughter are at the center and people are just having a good time. I was invited to the first ever Tiki Dinner at Bonefish Harry’s, a lively establishment in Beverly, MA by one of my blogger friends who recently opened the restaurant along with her husband. I left with my belly full and heart happy and honestly, what better feeling is there?

Bonefish Harry’s had lots of nooks and crannies with the decor making me nostalgic for those beachy, summer days when I was a kid. With fun signage, bright colors and energetic wait staff I was all about this place. So lets get to what this Tiki Dinner was about. It was a five ( six if you include the Amuse Bouche) course meal with drink pairings with flavors varying from tart to sweet to savory. The plating was beautiful, the drink names inventive and both Concept Chef Nate Cicoria and Bar master Will Forsythe explained the menu and drinks things thoroughly to us.

So what were my thoughts overall? Well I enjoyed it to the fullest. I really loved how all the flavors complimented one another AND let me tell you about one of my favorite drinks that I just couldn’t stop drinking, “Enter the Dragon” which was the pairing with the second course. Absolutely incredible on every level. So lets get to the menu, the pictures and final thoughts. Hope you all enjoy!

Indoor and Outdoor Decor


First Course + Drink Pairing

Fit to be a Pyrat | Pyrat rum, poblano-thyme syrup, & grapefruit soda

Grilled Spanish Octopus, poblano puree, pickled shallot

Second Course + Drink Pairing

Enter the Dragon | Rum, dragon fruit+ sour sop schrub, tarragon, banana syrup, yuzo, & fresh lime

Dragon Fruit Waldorf Salad

Amuse Bouche

Grilled U-10 Scallop with Yuzu Guava Relish

Entree | Surf & Turf + Double Drink Pairings

Smokeshow | Turf Pairing: Smoked + Spiced Rum, grilled pineapple syrup, cherry-pomegranate grenadine, blood orange & lemon juice

El Bandido | Surf Pairing: White rum, grilled papaya + chayote squash puree, coconut palm syrup, lemon juice & aperol

Surf & Turf | Cobb smoked short rib + Grilled Lobster, grilled papaya butter, yellow mole & chayote succotash

Another photo because it was so lovely

Amuse Bouche Two

Blood orange granita + local mint syrup | To die for

Dessert + Final Drink Pairing

Awaken the Passion | Pilar blonde, passion fruit + coconut milk puree, brown sugar syrup & float of rumsons coffee rum

Passionfruit Cheesecake Squares


I want to thank Bonefish Harry’s for having me and for allowing me to have such a wonderful meal. I cannot wait to head back there for their other offerings and take some friends!

If you are in the Beverly area make sure to check them out!

Foodie heart be still,

Life as a Maven






  1. OMG, everything looks soo good! I would have been completely sloshed after that dinner, haha!


    1. It was definitely heavy on the drinks- but so freaking good!!

  2. You eat with your eyes first they say……i have feasted tonight for sure!!!! Fabbbbb looking food

  3. Omg, that cheesecake looks amazing! What a cute place.

    Megan |

    1. Thank you! Yes it was so delicious.

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