Arisu Korean Restaurant | Leominster, MA

Anthony Bourdain once said, ” I am really happy to see the explosion of interest in Korean food,and this hybrid Korean-American [food].”

I will always credit Bourdain for my evolution into who I am today as foodie ( even though he disliked that word) because he inspired me to dig a little deeper and to search a little longer for culture, true food experience and the community around you. I have a thing I say, that I’ll try anything once- if I dont like it no matter, because at least I tried it.

Korean food to me is many good things together under one roof. I obviously have an obsession with food from different Asian countries as you’ve noticed with previous blogs and Korean food is no different. The tart, savory, spicy and just DEEP flavors I experience every time I eat Korean food is a wonderful experience. For instance, Bibim-bab is one of my favorite Korean dishes. This has a plethora of flavors that mix together while steaming from the pot its served in. As the runny egg cooks into the rice and vegetables you then get the flavor of the egg, the spiciness of the sauce is strong but also creates a flavor explosion every time you bite into it and honestly I am just a sucker for meat, rice, egg & sauce in one pot. I mean I love eggs on EVERYTHING!

I took my dad to Arisu Korean Restaurant since it was near him ( his first time having Korean food!) and he liked it which is always a plus in my book. I love bringing friends and family to new places and having them experience the food and flavors themselves. Also the food was legit. I loved the little touches, the sides, the steaming hot food with the swirling steam, OH and that complimentary drink at the end? Life made. It was a cool, cinnamon drink given to us after our food and I drank both mine and my dad’s. He isn’t a cinnamon lover but did try it and then gave the rest to me. 🙂  ( Score!)

Located on N.Main Street in Leominster, Arisu Korean Restaurant gives life to an area that doesn’t have a ton of restaurants, although that seems to be changing a bit. From start to finish the experience was great and next time I am in the area visiting my parents I will have to swing on by again!

So lets get to the food:

Menu | Table Setting

Mul-Mandu | Dumplings filled with minced pork & vegetables

Sides | I love kimchi, also these sprouts were DELICIOUS

Just another shot because they were so pretty!

Bibim-bab | Steamed rice, seasoned vegetables, egg & red chili paste on the side

That paste! So good.

Jjambong | Spicy noodle soup with seafood and vegetable in hot chili oil

Loved the Miso!

Finally the Cinnamon drink at the end of the meal | I loved it and drank mine and my dads!

Arisu Korean Restaurant is a must try if you’re in the area. Great food, friendly service and lovely atmosphere.


Always learning,

Life as a Maven ( Timna)


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