7 Fun Ways to Explore Woodstock, Connecticut

“My favorite thing to do is go where I’ve never been

– Anonymous

New experiences are what I live for. Every time I am able to travel to a new place, near or far I am filled with an incredible sense of joy. I am not even kidding, anyone who knows me personally knows that the things that make me happy are experiences. Sometimes the smallest things in life can be the happiest and can make those large things even that much more joyous. Did I lose you yet? No? Okay good. So where did I get to this time?

Let me tell you about a small town nestled in a corner of Connecticut I had never heard about until my mom mentioned it. My mom instilled in me a love for all things autumn. She loves it to the very core of her being and I too have been blessed to also be obsessed with it. We started taking yearly trips a few years ago for her birthday and this year I asked her where she wanted to go. She mentioned Woodstock Connecticut because it was known for its foliage, so I did some research and found out that it is a pretty neat spot. So here are my 7 Fun Ways to Explore Woodstock Connecticut!

First I have to start off by telling you about the amazing inn we stayed at during our quick weekend getaway. The Inn at Woodstock Hill is one of the most beautiful bed and breakfasts that I have ever stayed at. The grounds are absolutely breathtaking and even in October when we went, the flowers were still in bloom and the gardens were so expansive. Doug and his partner recently took over this summer ( Doug mentioned he had been working there since he was a teenager, left and came back and then took over!) and they have been working hard and staying busy. They made our stay so comfortable and all the amenities were just what we wanted. Even though it was a quick stay, they made sure to give us lots of recommendations on places to check out and some local restaurants to visit.

Some of my favorite things about the Inn:

  • The outdoor patio to eat breakfast
  • The grounds
  • The proximity to things to do
  • The rooms

The breakfast spread had both savory and sweet food to nosh on and it was all so yummy. Loved the pastries! My mom and I loved sitting outside to eat in their beautiful gazebo, and honestly, I can only imagine what it would be like during spring! Like I mentioned before the grounds were so pretty, there was such a variety of flora and fauna. This Inn was also so close to everything we wanted to do, from hopping over to the next door orchard to antique shopping in nearby Putnam we basically were in a ten-minute radius of everything.

Last but not least, our room was incredible. The decor was a mix of antique pieces, carefully selected for each room, and cute touches of wallpaper and color. Our room faced the grounds in the back, had a fireplace, sitting area ( that was super cozy), and a King size bed so comfortable I got lost in it.

I definitely recommend staying here if you are in the area and I cannot wait to go back in the Spring ( I know I already said that, but it is true. )

So what can you do if you are staying in Woodstock for the weekend? Keep reading…

After checking in at the Inn at Woodstock Hill, we drove over to Putnam to a restaurant that had been recommended by our innkeeper. We had such a fun dinner. The ambiance at Jessica Tuesdays is warm and inviting. Everyone was incredibly nice and I loved reading about the history of the restaurant. It has been around for a while and used to be the old train depot. The menu consists of modern American cuisine and we had some fun dishes.

  • Pick apples at Woodstock Orchards and go to their bakery for fresh donuts, coffee and other baked goods

It was so convenient that right next door to Inn at Woodstock Hill there was this gorgeous orchard. Not only can you pick apples, but they also have a bakery and a market for you to buy whatever you want. I picked up some produce, jams, apple cider donuts, and whole bean coffee. It is a great spot too with your family, girlfriends, or kids!

This is known as the “pink house” and it is indeed very pink. The grounds are covered with gardens and you can purchase tickets to go through the house and learn the history. Unfortunately, we got there too late for the indoor tour, but we did manage to peak at the bowling alley ( another great recommendation from Doug at Inn at Woodstock Hill) and it was so cool. We took some fun photos in front of the house and I picked up a tote to support the shop on site.

  • Visit the gazebo at Roseland Park and take in the views

Overlooking a lake, Roseland Park was gorgeous. We took a walk down winding dirt paths and made our way to the pier with the gazebo. We went right during the height of fall foliage, but this park would be gorgeous any time of year. It is an incredibly relaxing little park and great for walks or for relaxing by the lake.

  • Go antique store hopping in Putnam

I have never antique store hopped liked this. Right next door to each other in Putnam are two antique stores, one is four floors of antiques galore and the other is two floors and wide-open spaces. So many items, such an interesting spot. I picked up a vintage camera to put on our display at home.

Before leaving, go have a latte at Chubby Dog. Loved this little cafe in Putnam. We had some delicious lattes, one was an Apple Chaider and the other was the Bee’s Knees. We sat outside and enjoyed our hot lattes on a perfect afternoon before heading home. I also picked up their whole bean coffee which was so incredible.

Woodstock is hidden away in a perfect nook less than an hour from central Massachusetts and 1.5 hours from Lowell. It is worth a visit and I know I will definitely be back to go visit this relaxing place. Put it on your list.


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