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Puerto Rico Day 3: Defense at El Morro San Juan

In all my years as a Puerto Rican and having been born in PR and lived here and visited  I never went to Old San Juan and never visited El Morro. It is one of the older European settlements established back in the 1400{s and was used as a defense to outside ships. This place is truly beautiful. History as always been something I love and everything time I step foot in a place like this I get taken back. Looking out the towers, roaming the grounds, looking at the prisons where they kept the enemy soldiers it was truly fantastic. Old San Juan or Viejo San Juan was beautiful as well. Cobblestoned streets, vintage buildings, street plaques with names, old little shops. This place was teeming with adventure. I came here with my mom and my cousin and we had an outstanding time. They have so many restaurants and so many nifty places to go shopping you can get lost. My advice if you go is to go early, explore and get lost. Find …

Puerto Rico Day 2:Seven Seas,Coconuts & Sarongs

Sitting here smelling mangoes and waiting for the blistering heat to arrive I want to share Day 2 of my trip here in PR. Day 2 of my trip was every bit as great as Day 1. For food yesterday we stayed in and mom made Tostones de Pana which are these little pancake like things made out of a vegetable here in Puerto Rico that grows in the back. They are wonderful. She also made white rice and lobster with a super flavorful broth she made with an herb form the back yard called “recao”. This leaf is very earthy, and has a strong flavor and smell but when cut up and mixed with garlic it is wonderful. We then went to visit family I hadn’t seen in 11 years and that was fantastic.  Seeing everyone and how things have progressed through out the years. Afterwards we headed to Seven Seas a place in Fajardo, PR there was a beautiful beach and places for souvenirs and this is where I went into the water, …

Puerto Rico Day 1: Food Explorer /Beach Dweller

I arrived in Puerto Rico yesterday after 11 years of not visiting my birth place. I flew here with my mom and was amazed as we were driving back from the airport how much was different but also how much was the same. The things I remembered as a child like a sign, or some red cliffs. As we’re driving and we were about halfway to my grandparents house we came upon a sign, “Ponylandia” as a seven year old I came here for my birthday and rode a pony. It was so cool that I got out of the car my mom asked permission and I took a photo… It was definitely a throwback to some 20 years ago but I felt like a kid again!! We stopped again for a second time for breakfast and let me tell you, this places was wonderful. If you ever come to PR don’t get drawn in by all the expensive restaurants that promise amazing food, go in wards a bit and find gems like the one …

Weekend Adventures: Discovering the Nook and Crannies!

Since I haven’t written in some time I have an extra long blog post to awaken your senses and put on your adventuring gear it was a wild and fun ride:) Started off the weekend Friday evening by going to a new Sushi place in Lowell Called “Miya”. Beautiful decor wonderful people and service. We were waiting for some friends and we decided to start with a Sushi appetizer…the “Crunchy Roll” it was WOWNESS. yes yes I know its not a word but that’s what it was. I didn’t get a chance to take a picture because we ate it too fast. Then our friends showed up and that’s when the food madness began. Sushi, hot food it was all over our table and we thoroughly enjoyed it! We continued our weekend of food coma’s by going out to breakfast with my parents in Westford, MA to a place called Bixbite. I had found it on yelp and it was actually really fantastic. The waitresses were super friendly, service was fast and the set …

Blue Taleh Lowell, MA

This place was a hidden gem, tonight they had live piano music which was phenomenal. Their sushi bar was set up really well and the ambience was mellow and went with the flow On Wednesdays they have jazz and blues which I will definitely come back for. We were quickly ushered in and we sat down ordered chicken lo me in and spicy chicken rice noodle soup. It was a relaxing time on a beautiful night you could see the moon shining brightly behind Middlesex Community College showing it’s rays through the light cover of clouds. This was a quiet adventure but the food was great. Can’t wait to try the sushi. PS: Next time I hope the waitress is a little more diligent to our needs and table. Always on an adventure, Timna

Boston Comic Con 2014 Aug 8-10

So as all of you will come to find out soon enough I am a major geek. May not look it, but I am a complete and utter geekazoid.  I am obsessed with Star Trek, (Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner are my faves). Marvel or DC people…I like both. Anime is also in my domain, Naruto, One Piece, Saint Seiya, Attack on Titan…I am game. I am also an avid World of Warcraft player of course fighting alongside my victorious significant other….Roosevelt. This is all done of course in my free time which is very little so imagine I don’t get much sleep. But what is life but to enjoy everything about it with family and friends.   So I will be going to Boston Comic Con this Sunday and will be sure to post pictures and epicness from all the great people we will see and adventures we will have!   If only we could live forever, Timna  

The Pursuit of the Mediterranean

In my quest to explore new foods and flavors I constantly go to to search out new places to eat in my surroundings. So far I have found two places that I really like. One is a hole in the wall called Mediterranean Turkish in Framingham, Ma. They have the most astounding baklava I have had so far, so much decadence in such thin pastry. The bottom soaked in just the right amount of honey. The chicken gyro there is juicy, tasty, and boisterous. I recommend this place to anyone who will listen. The other is a beautiful, intimate restaurant called Taza in Methuen, MA. The decor is lush and inviting, the service wonderful and the food  makes you feel like you have gone to a faraway place. I recommend Kibbeh Flatbread Sambusik Deep fried cheesecake

Brew’d Awakening

This place has been here for years and I only recently went in and I have to tell you, I have named this my favorite Cafe. It bustles with people from all walks of life, they have tons of wonderful food items, drinks, mixes and mashes of things. They have these great live bands that come at night or during the day and you see some serious people and sometimes some hilarious people come in and its just a wonderful sight. We have met some great rescue dogs that come here with their owners as well and its just great to see that. Things I recommend from here: Fresh Pressed Apple-Strawberry Juice The Spicy Capitalist Sandwich on Ciabatta Chicken Pesto Sandwich on Ciabatta Iced Coffee with milk and Caramel sauce Grilled Raisin Bran Muffin with butter (my fave) They also feature artists on their walls every couple of weeks I believe it changes, and you can order right from there which is cool. They support local businesses and take their time to remember your name …