Happy National Dessert Day!

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Anyone who follows my blog and follows my page on Facebook knows I love making dessert and coming up with new and different ways to make different things. In any given week I make 2-4 different types of dessert and lately I have been on a cupcake kick. Ever since I discovered Buttercream frosting and how you can experiment with almost any flavor I haveRead Now

Pumpkin Daze


I think I can say after this post that I am obsessed with Pumpkin. Real, flavorful pumpkin, not flavoring, not artificial. I always look for Organic Pumpkin so that there are no added ingredients. I want me desserts to be as pure and as flavorful as possible. The Pumpkin Spice Latte is one of my favorite drinks, and now that I am hearing real pumpkinRead Now