Fruity Pebbles Treats

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My childhood came through in this recipe, I remember absolutely loving Fruity Pebbles as a kid drenched in milk and then when all the cereal was gone I would drink up the milk. These days I go for more healthy options like Oatmeal or Avocado Toast but every so often I like to remember those sweet, childhood food memories. This recipe while incredibly simple speaksRead Now

Olive Oil & Wine Cookies

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Wine lovers and cookie lovers of the world unite! I was doing research for my blog and had found this recipe for: Einkorn Olive Oil & Wine Cookies¬†, Einkorn is an ancient grain and has a sweet, nutty flavor according to this recipe but since I didn’t have any on hand I used a mixture of Whole Wheat and All Purpose Flours and changed itRead Now

Oh My Limes!

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I decided yesterday to experiment with some baking, but then again when do I not experiment with food period? I had bought some fresh limes and wanted to see what I could make so I went online found a basic cake recipe just for measurements but completely changed it from top to bottom. I then decided I hadn’t had enough of limes so I didRead Now

My Best Version of Banana Bread

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So everyone and their mother has their own version of banana bread. Someone’s mothers banana bread is the best ever. Believe me my mom’s is amazing. I always wanted to come up with my own recipe for it though and today without even trying it worked!! I had some bananas sitting on my counter, I mean that is usually the case right?¬† I decided letRead Now