Finding Rainbows in Nashua

“Food should be fun” – Thomas Keller

Having impromptu adventures is one of my favorite ways to experience life because it allows me to do things with no plan in sight. While planning is great, sometimes the spontaneity that comes in taking a random adventure is what you need to get focused again.

Last weekend I had only planned to check out What a Bagel in Nashua, NH because I had seen that they had Rainbow Bagels which I wanted to try ever since I heard about them, but it is mainly a New York thing so not many people do them around here. On top of that, we went to one of my favorite bakeries in Nashua and I was able to witness some yumminess being made and shown the process. This is what I love most about being a food(lifestyle) writer/blogger is when people and businesses welcome you in and want to show you how they do what they do. Not only does it make it fun for me to write but it shows me new things and takes the adventuring that much further.

When I arrived at What a Bagel there were two Rainbow Bagels left, I snagged one of them and had them toast it along with adding Honey Nut Cream Cheese- it was delicious. The bagel was moist, tasty and fresh and the cream cheese was creamy and so good! They had a plethora of other options along with coffee and other beverages. My friends got a breakfast sandwich on a bagel and salmon on a bagel. They both thought they were delicious.

So many yummy, fresh bagels

Rainbow Bagel-GORGEOUS

Stuffed full of yummy cream cheese

Salmon, capers, cream cheese

Outside of What a Bagel

After we had our fill of bagels we decide to explore a little downtown and I wanted to take them to jajaBelles a bakery I had been to previously and had fallen in love with. The pastries are always to die for and the sandwiches and coffee are super yummy. On this particular day Jess (the delightful owner of this establishment) had Pop Tarts- yes you read right POP TARTS. So I just had to get one and they were delicious, a mind boggling delicious pastry. On top of that Jess said she would show me how she made them look pretty fresh out of the oven and I was game for it. The pictures below show a little bit of the process, but I want to thank her for being so open and welcoming to us and showing us all kinds of attention. 🙂

Fresh out of the oven!

Cinnamon Brown Sugar, Strawberry, Blueberry and a new flavor!

I enjoyed my pop-tart and lavender soda

Checking ou the details…

I loved this so much

New flavor for the road: S’mores

My ladies who went on this lovely adventure with me!


Hope you all enjoyed, definitely check out these businesses  🙂

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