5 Great Reasons to go Glamping in the White Mountains


a form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping.
“glamping is likely to satisfy any city slicker seeking a little refuge in nature—without foregoing any of life’s luxuries”
I never fancied myself a camper. My first memory of camping was with a friend and her family…in a camper!! The idea of sleeping on the ground, surrounded by bugs, was never my cup of tea, but what I do love is the tranquility of nature and what it brings mentally and emotionally. All of that to say that Glamping is my new best friend and allows me to be in nature but without sacrificing my skin to mosquitoes 😀 or sleeping on rocks.
So why should you do it in the White Mountains? Well, I have 5 reasons for you and you’ll love them all!




1. To stay at Huttopia White Mountains


What is Huttopia? It is a glamping site located in Albany, NH, and is one of many they have all over the world. They have a variety of different accommodations from tents ( with beds) to Chalet’s ( cabins) that everyone can enjoy. Some of their amenities include:


  • Food truck, that serves coffee and crepes in the morning and dinner at night
  • A beautiful lakeside with a pier, seating and canoes, and SUP boards for rent
  • A game area that boasted a foosball table, massive Jenga and seating area
  • Beautiful grounds
  • Shop where you can buy all your s’more needs and more!

Our Chalet was comfortable and had a kitchenette, living area, table, patio with a grill, and an incredible view of the lake. It had two bedrooms, one bathroom with a shower, and then a convertible couch. Plus a firepit where we roasted s’mores over the fire on our last night there. Super relaxing.

Food truck & dining area

Our cabin in the woods

Lakeside retreat

Relaxing before dinner

Rentals available

Sunrise was stellar

One of my favorite days, this sunrise was everything and more

Egg and mozzarella crepe, super delish

Tip: Watch the sunrise from the lake, it was breathtaking

2. To visit North Conway

Our glamping site was about a 20-minute drive to North Conway and it’s where we spent a good amount of our time. From restaurants to shopping it had everything you needed while also being close enough you didn’t feel you were driving forever. We ate at a few different places and also checked out the outlets nearby. We love the downtown area where you can roam around and find the coolest things like the Leather Pouch (which we visited our first time and bought some items) or Zeb’s General Store. We tried the following restaurants:

Cafe Italia Shop, brioche and lattes

Second visit to Cafe Italia Shop, Panini for brunch

Barley & Salt – This was a peach & passion fruit sour

Garlic & Parm wings

Kimchi Tacos at Barley & Salt

Chicken Thai Pizza at Moat

Potstickers and slaw were delish at Moat

We also went on a Moose tour that began in North Conway and we did see a Moose. It was an interesting experience for sure to go out in the middle of the night trying to find Moose, but at least we did it and we will always remember it. 🙂

3. To hike a mountain or trail

I don’t have to tell you twice, there seems to be a million and one mountains and trails to hike in the White Mountains. On this particular trip, we hiked the Champney Falls Brook Trail which took us to a variety of different waterfalls. They were beautiful and the elevation gain was around 700 ft. Not too bad and I got to play under the waterfalls. It was a great hike with s beautiful end result. Took us around two and half hours to do the loop.

Tip: Bring a swimsuit/ trunks because the falls have all these little pools you can relax in and it is beautiful! ( Obviously summertime only)

This is actually part of a larger trail you can take to hike Chocorua Mountain

Taking it all in

I climbed these rocks and took a fun photo! Do it! (Safely)

Great trail and hike

4. For the views

Not only were the views beautiful at Huttopia but literally everywhere we drove had stellar views. When we were on our way to hike, breathtaking after breathtaking views were seen all around. Mountains, greenery, trees, brooks, rivers…the list goes on. It is one of the most calming places I have visited in New England and I love going back time and time again. On the way to hike there were so many stop-offs and places to look at views, enjoy the water, and what not, so definitely recommend trying one or a few!

Views like this should be enjoyed

5. To get away from it all

Glamping offers a luxurious take on being in the great outdoors for sure, but more than that it takes you away from the hustle and bustle that most of us have in our everyday lives. For someone like me who wants to commune with nature without “being nature” (:D) glamping is the perfect fit. Besides that, the White Mountains are just a great way to disconnect, be at peace, and get some clarity. It’s been rough on all of us lately and it is great we can do things like this to get centered and focus on what matters.

Taking it in and enjoying every moment

Hope you all enjoyed this peaceful blog post on my travels to Huttopia and the White Mountains, I hope you can also enjoy it and tell me all about your own adventures. I know I took it all in and really lived in each moment. I took a social media break for three days and it was an incredible way to disconnect and enjoy what was around me. Here is to enjoying every moment, enjoying your friends and loved ones and making sure to take care of yourself.

Be well,

The Maven






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