This Fall Be a Little Bit More Bohemian

What defines good fashion? One of the things it means to me is versatility; the ability to use one piece in many different ways and to use said piece for different times of the day. Warlene, the woman behind Warlene Rene Handmade Clothing creates pieces that are so versatile you can easily go from day to night with just a change of accessoryΒ or shoe.

I had the honor of modeling some of her fall pieces that are in the shopΒ now and I have to tell you; I was completelyΒ taken aback by the comfort and ease I felt in each piece. Creating looks is one of my favorite pastimes and when I have the time I like to dedicate just a little extra to looking and feeling good- WarleneΒ helps me do that. When I step foot in her intimate shop at Mill No 5 on Jackson Street in Lowell, I feel like a little girl playing dress up. From her reimagined vintage line to her her own custom pieces you will leave with your heart full and be feeling like a queen.

Women everywhere take my advice- if you want some boho/edge clothing or want something created for you to your own taste, Warlene is the woman to go to. She is a boss in every way and makes you feel like one too. The pieces I modeled are gorgeous, comfortable and easy to throw on. Below I have included pictures and details about each piece. Hope you enjoy reading about these pieces and make sure to check her out!

*Note: All photography done by Brianna Youte the ever talented daughter of the Queen of fashion herself. All pieces are currently in the shop now πŸ™‚

First Look: Long Sleeve Floral Dress/Top

  • Open back
  • Front slit that provides flexibility and mobility
  • Flowy style
  • Fabric is soft to the touch

What I loved about this outfit was how the floral/dreamy look mixed with the edginess of my ripped jeans

Loved how this dress made me feel…

Second Look: Long, oversized denim dress with frayed ends

  • Super comfortable
  • Day to night transition
  • All you need is a statement necklace and you have an outfit

Things I loved about this outfit was how great I felt in it, it was a great piece to wear along with denim and created such a great vibe I wanted to take it home with me.

I felt amazing in this piece!

Third Look: Logo Tee with Denim Overcoat

  • Tee is soft and stretchy and super comfortable
  • Overcoat is so versatile- buttoned or unbuttoned
  • Quick outfit to throw together with some sneakers and specs

Things I loved about this outfit was how street it was but also incredibly stylish, great weekend look!

Walking the streets outside Mill No 5

Go grab a Logo tee from Warlene’s shop, they are incredible!

Fourth Look: Taupe Bell Sleeve Top w/Tieback

  • Can be tied in front or back
  • Incredibly comfortable and sleek
  • Simple yet brings a new dimension to your look

I loved how romantic this piece was, with its graceful edges and great silhouette

I always love pictures in motion πŸ™‚

Loved these sleeves- bell sleeves have been one of my faves this year

Romantic tie back

Such a fierce and classy look!

Accessory of the day: Clutch w/Denim Strap

  • Easy to carry
  • Brightens up any outfit
  • Denim component makes it so different with a play on texture and look


Livin that Maven Life….




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