The Ball-Clothes & Accessories

As it gets closer to the arrival of this event presented by Made in Lowell, I am excited to write the next piece of my blogging for it. This clothing and accessories piece highlights some of the businesses in Lowell where you can get some nice style going for a night on the town, an event like The Ball, or any other time you want to add some touches to your personal style.

Businesses I am highlighting in this blog post:

Humanity Boutique

GiveWave Studios

Leocata Tailoring


Humanity Boutique, a clothing boutique in Downtown Lowell has a large selection of clothing, accessories and jewelry. You can buy fun jewelry, gorgeous purses and the clothing is always unique and beautiful. I had the opportunity to do a photo shoot and try out some of the different styles of dresses, purses and jewelry as I go on my adventure to get ready for the ball. If you haven’t already gone in recently,they have gotten in lots of new inventory in preparation for The Ball and the items are gorgeous.


GiveWave Studios, a local business based in Lowell, MA does an incredible amount of made to order and custom products varying from accessories to costuming/cosplay and a lot in between. For this specific event I asked for a set of Tie Clips and Cuff links for the men out there who also want to style themselves up for The Ball. Available both at Humanity Boutique and also on their Etsy Shop.

Leocata Tailoring, currently based out of Lowell, MA is a wonderful shop run by Nick Leocata. He does everything from Alterations to Bespoke suits. I have gone out multiple times and found Vintage suit jackets for Roosevelt and he has altered them perfectly for him. Great local shop to get your clothing needs taken care of. *Photos from this shoot taken by Give Wave Studios




As The Ball is going to be one of the biggest events of the year I thought exploring the city and what it has to offer for those who want to support local and dress up would be a great end to a wonderful year. Stay tuned for my next blog post about Hair, makeup and nails also highlighting local businesses and local consultants.

Live.Explore.Be You.



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