3rd Annual Fashion Fundraiser – CMAA Lowell, MA

Last night was an evening for the books. I had the opportunity to join other guests for a night filled with fashion, food, memories and most importantly a night dedicated to raising money for an incredible organization located on School St in Lowell, MA. The Cambodian Mutual Assistance Association has been around since 1984 and has been dedicated to helping Cambodians and other minority groups in education, culture, economics and other social programs throughout this time. Many of the individuals on the board at CMAA and in the crowd last night were children or grandchildren of those who had lived through the Khmer Rouge and came to the United States as refugees; organizations like the CMAA helped these individuals flourish and become who they are today.

Writing about organizations that help our community is so different to me than writing about anything else. Being part of the community in Lowell is rewarding on so many different levels and I have had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people who are working hard so that our city has what it needs for its residents. I myself am an Acre resident, for almost ten years now and I have seen the changes that have made our city blossom and bloom. There is still work to be done but with a community like ours that constantly pushes for growth and innovation, we can be assured the future is bright.

The fashion last night was incredible, with clothing from four boutiques all located in Lowell. There were two Cambodian boutiques, one for traditional bridal wear and the other modern evening wear. We also had clothing modeled from Persona and Humanity, both boutiques in downtown Lowell (which I frequent quite often) :). The models had so much personality and vitality they kept us clapping and laughing. It was great fun!

The next time you want to donate to a good cause and to the community think of the CMAA. I want to thank Sovanna Pouv, Executive Director at CMAA and Vichtcha Kong, Secretary at CMAA for inviting me into this great event and I look forward to the future!

Check out the pictures from last nights event and stay tuned for many other blog posts coming this summer!




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