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The Ball-Made in Lowell

I’ve been able to be a part of many events this year, many presented by Made in Lowell a wonderful organization whose mission statement is one I can’t but help to agree with.

“To enhance the economic vitality of our community by promoting Lowell as a year-round culinary, culture and shopping destination by maximizing collaborative partnerships, efficiently transition Lowell stories into effective sales and marketing programs, and cultivating a world-class visitor experience.”


I now have the opportunity to collaborate with them for their final event this year and it is going to be another wonderful event full of all the great things we love about Lowell and why we want others to come here and see what they could and would become if they were apart of our city.

This first blog post is for me to let you all know that I am apart of this event and to encourage all of you to follow my next blog post about my journey to “The Ball”. What does this mean  you ask? Well I want to showcase Lowell and what it has to offer and how much more could be offered. So I have been working with different business to get me ready as I prepare for The Ball and also highlights all the wonderful businesses we have here in Lowell and how they can help you for a special night out. It will be an exciting couple of weeks and I hope all of you enjoy.

Some of the businesses/local entrepreneurs I will be working with are:

Humanity Boutique, GiveWave Studios, Elaine G. (MK Consultant) & Eyeful Beauty


Below is an excerpt from the press release for The Ball:

“After the overwhelming success of events this year, Tobias Marx, CEO of Made in Lowell, believed it only right to give a final “Gatsby Style” farewell to 2015. “I think that after an incredible year like this all of us in the city need to end it with a bang. We need to celebrate all of the accomplishments of our community and ring in the New Year with good spirits because we all have so much planned for 2016,” says Marx.

The event will truly be a grand ending to the year; as soon as guests arrive they will be immersed in a night of glamour, style and culture. Red carpets will guide them through the doors of Lowell’s Historic Cathedral, the former Jeanne D’Baptiste church on Merrimack Street. “We’re excited to introduce another amazing Lowell event location to our community,” said Marx.

Live music and entertainment, including a performance by the vibrant Angkor Dance Troupe, masters of traditional Cambodian dance, will create an energetic atmosphere.Local artists, such as Tom Fiorelli and Danielle Matthiew from Western Avenue Studios, will have the opportunity to showcase their best work in an art exhibit, curated by Markus Haala from Western Avenue Press.

The Ball will also feature a fashion exhibit by Humanity Boutique, a prestigious women’s fashion boutique in Lowell.

A delectable dessert buffet, catered by local eateries, will be available from 10:30 – 11:30 at night. And, of course, a champagne toast along with a live projection of the ball drop will occur at midnight – with dancing and celebrations continuing all night.

Longtime partner Merrimack Valley Magazine is sponsoring this event alongside Veloxity, who is powering the event with their innovative charging stations. The Lowell Sun is partnering with The Ball to provide media coverage as well as Howl Magazine.”


Again I look forward to this amazing event and can’t wait to share it with you all.

To Lowell & To The People of Lowell,



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