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Craft Vines Festival at Mill No 5

I am super excited to share this event with all of you. As most of you know I worked with Noel over at Aaronap Cellars when I covered his micro winery on my blog. This festival is organized by him and held at Mill No 5, a wonderful, historic mill that holds several shops and a farm market every Sunday. As we head into the fall season and it gets chillier it is the perfect setting for an event like this and I am thrilled to share some details about the event with you.

So what can you do at the Craft Vines Festival? Well you can sample wine, mead, cider from all locally owned businesses.

That isn’t all either, not only can you taste and sample these awesome beverages but you will also have the opportunity to taste local, gourmet treats and goodies… and get this there is even an option for gourmet doggie treats so you can bring your pets!

Wait I am not finished! On top of all of this you get some goodies to take home with you; a souvenir tasting glass and a six bottle wine tote! On a side note, designated drivers can attend for free and get some free bottled water.

Attendees will also be able to purchase from these local shops so you can bring the goodness home with you.

Date: October 22nd

Time: 1 pm -5 pm

Ticket Price: $15.00

You can buy tickets here

Looking forward to seeing you all there! Don’t miss out on this great event!


Wine-Cheese-Bread-Chocolate, Life as a Maven is all over that 🙂

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